Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In the old west, a special kind of derision was reserved for horse thieves.

Ain't he cute?

Back in October of 2002 I had my car stolen from in front of my house on a Friday afternoon after a long day at the Mt Tabor Coffee Cellar. I napped on the couch while I think this fellow decided he needed to get across town quicker and chose to drive my beat-up old Toyota instead of more honest means.

The reason I think it was him is due to the thuggish nature of his looks and more factually due to the fact that a camera that was in the Toyota when the Portland Police recovered it had been used and left behind.

Flash forward to today...My friend Justin over at Siempre La Luna has kindly scanned 17 of the wonderful pictures developed from that camera and posted them to his Flicker photostream.


By the way this is not the time my car had been stolen reported earlier on Things of the Spirit Come First.