Monday, October 31, 2011

Suddenly the world is not such a bad place.

Photo Dump time. Way Over Due!

Sheboygan Brand Bratwurst Grillers...

...made in California...

...for the New York Style Sausage Company?

Bears and Packers stadium chars cavorting together at the Vancouver, WA Bed, Bath & Beyond

Rolls-Royce at the Elmer's in Clackamas.
Elmer's is like a Denny's or Shoney's type restaurant.

This one is from a Wendy's parking lot in Portland. What is up with the fancy car/crap food connection?

Uh, wouldn't Lil' Beep Beep be a better name for a car seat toy?

Happy clasp dude on a container at Goodwill

Torino? Torin-yes!

Cannibal Marshmallow!

These guys were only 20 feet away. Sorry for the rainy-car window-zoom shot:(

There are more to come. Phone is full and I need to sort them.