Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It is surely a great calamity for a human being to have no obsessions

First blog post from the PSP. It is a bit of a pain typing the text and it is a limited amou

The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool

I have got something for you boys and girls.

No not stale Tootsie Rolls...It's camera dump time again. Some of these go way back so bare with me.


Did not get to see this first hand but Aden was able to snap about a dozen or so shots of the accident on my block at the end of last summer.

Hit the pole so hard it snapped off the top. 12th and NE Prescott.


Model: Argus Seventy-Five
Production Years: 1949-1958
Description: 75mm

Quick picture through the viewfinder.


Funny Fender Strat at Portland Fret Works. Switch, Knob, Knob, Knob.


Rusty Red Farm Equipment

Miniature Furniture

Eames aluminum group chair by Ray and Charles Eames

3-benet skalstol by Hans Wegner

Eames lounge chair & ottoman by Ray and Charles Eames

Organic chair by Ray and Charles Eames/Eero Saarinen


February 2, 2008
Pretty cool place to live with flowers in bloom and green grass at the beginning of February


I spy with my little eye...NERDS

One wall, five Nerds '07

East to West.
Nerd 1

Nerd 2

Nerd 3

Nerd 4

Nerd 5


Nerd find day

Faded stop sign beasties

This one always baffles me. Why would you have a chair for a logo when your organization is called Table?

That's All Folks...Phew!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

Music's coming feelin' so free

The last two in the Prog Rock card Series.

1977 Topps #67 Geddy Lee

1977 Topps #13 Nick Mason

Unfinished Business...BRB!

More promo cards from the highly anticipated 2008 Retro Prog Rock set by Topps Trading Card Company.

1986 Topps Roger Dean Record Cover Tribute Insert RC#8

1977 Topps #11 David Gilmore

1977 Topps #3 Roger Waters

1986 Topps Roger Dean Record Cover Tribute Insert RC#4

1977 Topps #201 Neal Peart

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rresidential Ailments Trading Card Set

Since I am at it I am going to share some of my other unfinished trading cards. Here are the front sides of the Presidential Ailment Trading cards. I never really get to the backs of the cards. I guess I like to photoshop the art more than I want to do the research for the stats and data on a traditional trading card. *

Quinsy, Acute Laryngitis and pneumonia.

Baldness, Depression, Boils and Rheumatism.

Dysentery, Depression, Buttock Boils and Prostatic Enlargement.

Frostbite, Chronic Cholecystitis and Arthritis.

Gunshot Wound, Recurrent Malaria and Seizures.

As you can see these might have been a blast to put together. Maybe I will finish them one day.

* Another card posted previously

In contrast to protected sex is unprotected sex

In celebration of one of my neighbors finally leaving their wireless network unprotected I share with thee the promo cards from the highly anticipated 2008 Retro Prog Rock set by Topps Trading Card Company.

1979 Topps Traded #TT44 Steve How

1976 Topps Prog Pioneer Insert #PP1 Robert Moog

1973 Topps All-Time All-Stars #231 Robert Fripp

1976 Topps Prog Pioneer Insert #PP6 Brian Eno

1977 Topps #21 Alex Lifeson