Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rresidential Ailments Trading Card Set

Since I am at it I am going to share some of my other unfinished trading cards. Here are the front sides of the Presidential Ailment Trading cards. I never really get to the backs of the cards. I guess I like to photoshop the art more than I want to do the research for the stats and data on a traditional trading card. *

Quinsy, Acute Laryngitis and pneumonia.

Baldness, Depression, Boils and Rheumatism.

Dysentery, Depression, Buttock Boils and Prostatic Enlargement.

Frostbite, Chronic Cholecystitis and Arthritis.

Gunshot Wound, Recurrent Malaria and Seizures.

As you can see these might have been a blast to put together. Maybe I will finish them one day.

* Another card posted previously


Casey said...

Monroe, Really???? Way too soon, have a little respect!

Oregarus said...

Pretty rough PS but as you can tell...I GOTZ MAD SKILLZ!!!