Monday, July 31, 2006

It's dangerous out there all alone in the Brackenwood grasslands!

Holy crap. I stumbled upon another cool movie (two actually). This one is called "Littlefoot" and has a sequel called "The Yu Yu". They were done by Adam Phillips and his stuff is all really cool. I love the art and the music is good. Spider Stacey of the Pogues did the soundtrack and the song is great.

The films are about the adventures of Bitey a devilish cloven creature. Appearently this is a series of "Brackenwood" stories. "Littlefoot" and "The Yu Yu" are together episode number three. "Prowlies at the River" is episode four and "Bitey of Brackenwood" is the introduction to Bitey so I would assume is is
episode one.

"Bingbong Of Brackenwood" is another installment though it doesnt include Bitey.

"Auld Sage" is an older bigfoot charecter and is introduced in a Brackenwood music video.

"Waterlollies" is the next episode in the Brackenwood series and should come out in the near future and you can see a sneak preview of it here.

So head over to Bitey Castle and check out his other films. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Picket signs for my wicked rhymes

Hey here's another cleanin' out my closet type posting with pictures that didn't fit but I wanted to share them thing going on. Enjoy.

A Blue Bird sticker from my Saturday Nerd hunt with JT. There were others in various states of completeness (torn) and at least one paintover. Some sign on Mississippi.

This is from the same walk that yeilded the Westinghouse foto's. Again with the signs and doorways...I like the geometry of it.

Winter bike rack veiw west on Killingsworth. This is the old coolpix 775. I loved the no flash night time shots with that camera. Etheral and orange.

A post would not be cool unless it had a picture of a pallet right? There are a few places in the warehouse at work where the floor looks like that. I did not realize the floor looked cool until later because I was really just taking a picture of the pallet boards.

A rusty tin can from the South Holgate walk that the top to bottom train car came from. Not quite as cool as the spike, twine, stick, coil and manhole cover shots from a few weeks back but I think it looks ok.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Poison control said I had to drink lots of water the rest of the day.

Here are some of the other foto's from my Saturday walk with Nos.

The sign on the post below this one said look up so I shot the sky. I am glad it did because I love this picture.

Did you ever wonder why it's called Wonder Bread? Awesome clouds again.

Truck on a truck on a truck...Others have taken pictures of this truck. Why shouldn't I?

What is Michelle laughing at?


Another ameoba on a recycling bin behind The Fresh Pot on Mississippi.

Cool wine-man sticker on the garbage can on the sidewalk in front of Mississippi Pizza.

Bird stickers on a building at Going and Mississippi.

A look at the birds close up.

I'm Dumbfounded, Amazed , Shocked and Awed!!!

Nos and I went looking for a rumored sighting of a Nerd in the Mississippi neighborhood. I was told one had been seen on a garage in an alley off of Albina. Well, this is what I found. I was very surprised.

This is the first sign I was going to have a good day. A Nerd on the back of the stop sign at Albina and Shaver was spotted even before the car stopped rolling. A small one but coupled with the larger one I was told about that would make two for the day and quite a score on its own. This is also the first time I recall seeing a signature with a Nerd. Thank you Katie for the fun challenges I have had in finding your little treasures.

Wow it was no lie, the large Nerd I was told about. This is what I live for in the Nerd search. On a garage in an alley between Albina and Mississippi.

I found this one on a pole while walking towards Michelle's house. N Michigan between Mason and Skidmore.

Three Nerds in one day would have been plenty but low and behold, number four. This one is on the mirror inside the Mississippi Pizza bathrrom. It's the bathroom on the right and I now know how hard it is to take a picture of a Nerd etched into a mirror. The Nerd is marked 05 but I don't ever recall seeing this one. Have I just not used the bathroom on the right since this one went up?

Holy cow did I get lucky. This is the fifth and final Nerd I saw on Saturday. This one is from 2005 and is on the garbage can outside the same house as an ameoba I posted previously. The garage is just north of the Mississippi Pizza. I also looked back at that posting and noticed a smaller ameoba seeping through the white square to the left of the large ameoba. Ameoba to the second power and twice on the same garage, kinda funny.

Friday, July 28, 2006

1 out of 1 people (100%) think this is worth consuming

I grilled up some sausages on the grill on Thursday and now I am going to show you how I did it. I know kinda boring but I took the pictures anyway.

Two of the ingredients used in the preperation of the meal. PiƱa y cerveza.

A lovely salad. Thank you Kelsey, your salad making skills put many to shame. Mixed wild greens with red pepper, avocado, cherry tomatoes, carrot and kalamata olives lightly sprinkled with salt and peppper then tossed with lemon and oil drssing.

Pineapple with a sweet garlic and sun ripened chilie marinade.

Now the star of the whole feast. Sheboygan style bratwurst. The pot is full of: One 16 fluid ounce can of The Ribbon, one quarter of a medium sized yellow onion and a tablespoon of sweet creamy butter. Bring to a boil then simmer Brats until the look like this. Cuts down grilling time and imparts a wonderful flavor. Of course you could use a fancy beer but why? The cheap stuff works well and you can drink the good stuff while grilling those bad boys up. I once referred to a simmering pot of beer, butter and onions as man potpourri. Gave everybody a good laugh and I will now forever refer to it as such.

This is what the Brats should look like before throwing them on the grill. Mmmm!

Here is what they should look like on the grill. I know you vegetarians out there are rethinking your choice to not eat meat. Go for it! Notice how I refer to this method of cooking sausage as grilling people of Oregon. It is not barbequing if you are not using barbeque sauce. It is grilling! Grilling on a gas grill, Weber Grill, electric grill, etc.

The pineapple starting to look good isn't it. This is one of my favorite ways to make pineapple. I guess I tend to make it a bit on the spicey side though. Oh well, can't please everybody.

I hope you enjoyed my presentation. Bon Appatit.

Neat and trim-looking gutters and downspouts make a house look shipshape

My friend Marie from work takes pictures. You should check them out.

Here is her flickr set.

Marie thank you for the kind words and inspiration. I now have a strange desire to photograph downspouts.

I got to go see them and photograph and climb on them, now I'm illustrating a book.

The Prids
~click picture for video link~

I really have not seen them. An old housemate of mine used to go see these guys all the time. I had no idea what they sounded like then but I have now heard them and regret not seeing them in the past. Kinda a Gary Numan meets the Pixies vibe. A poppy, edgy, new wavey thing going on. You can hear them by going to their website. They have a good quality stream of what seems like an endless playlist of music. There is also a place to download mp3's and see videos.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What a waste of time , but I had nothing better to do!

I just spent an hour at the Naval Safety Center website looking at the funny photos of safety faux pas. If you want to kill some time I recommend zipping through the Photos of the Week. I have included my favorites here.

I really don't know why I like this one. I do know it made me a little happy though.

Just really cute road kill.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I had the biggest crush on Labia, and man could she sing!

I was digging through some old photographs when I stumbled across this picture. Oh the memories. It's a picture I took of Miss Merange at my company's summer party. She looked smashing in that dress. She also tore the cover off the ball at the softball game earlier in the day. Ah labia, one of the best second basemen I have ever laid my eyes on, and GOD DAM!! what a looker. Good times I tell you.

Anyway, if I find anymore, I will surely post them.

Why is Cloud 9 so amazing? What is wrong with Cloud 8? That joke came off the top of my head, and the top of my head ain't funny!

~Mitch Hedberg

JT and I boggied down to the industrial area just south of Holgate between SE 28th and SE 24th. It was hot and very overcast. I didn't get too many good pictures but I will share what I can salvage.

These two shots are close-ups of the top to bottom train car that NOS posted about on Sunday. There was no real way to capture how cool that old car looked.

I have no idea what this thing is but I liked it enough to take a picture of it from three angles.

Another cool manhole cover. I think the dirt that doesn't wear off with traffic is cool. You get the shiny metal with the dull flat dirt and the contrast just screams to have its picture taken.

I am becoming obsessed with taking the all too cliche reflected visage in the coffee cup picture. Kinda spooky and looks a bit like I am scowling.

What could be more American I ask you.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Karma sells independent records with a smile!

I went to see my friend Darin's band play last night. They played last of four bands and definitely were the best of the four. Unfortunately no one heard them. This was the first time I saw a show in Vancouver but if the butt rock bands that played first are what they go for they all deserved to miss them. That Slipnot Fratboy 1996 Weak ass shit is so tired.

Well I came to see Woke Up Falling so I did not feel bad about drifting in and out of the 15th Street Pub's hall and missing the majority of the pap that came before. The band seemed to be in awesome form and turned it up a notch just to clear the room. They did it and by the end there were only the five of us friends and a few stragglers left in the hall. The fun part was the fact that every time they were asked to turn it down from management, I saw them turning up. By the end it was really loud and quite fun. The show ended pretty quick but the songs they played were great.

If you want to check them out here are some links to songs from their web page, a couple videos, and a link to their myspace page where there is another song and two more videos.

Songs (To download audio right click and choose "save target as")
In Silence, Fake Your Death, Here's Your Pretty, Let Your Halo, 21 Miles Into Kansas, Laughing At The Thought and Start To Breath.

Video (To download video, right click and choose "save target as")

These guys are pretty good and you should check them out. Here are a few pictures I took of the band.

Hi, my name is Gordie, and I am the singer. Howling, no mercy, tear your face off destructor.

Zak. Don't let the small size fool you, I am a monster riffing guitar player.

Josh. These drum sticks are registered weapons with the The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Darin. 15 flavors of thud. You can almost taste that buttery low end can't you?

Darin Gordie Josh Zak