Wednesday, July 12, 2006

To Live, to Love, to Learn, to Leave a Legacy or There's enough filth on my robes without you touching them!

A few new shots of art in my immediate neighborhood. There has been a lot of garbage but I sifted out the interesting ones.

Blue Man sticker in a door way on Division. I really like this one but wish I had seen it before wear occured.

Another ameoba on a temporary shed on 44th Street just off Division. Third one I have found.

I like to call this Stick Man on Yellow Volkswagen [outside Haven Coffee, 35th & Division]

The Invisable Man on the same wall as the spurting penis. East wall of the Oregon Adult movie theater. Previous entry.

Apparently Paulrus Is Dead. (Oregon Theater wall as well) I know this to be so because it is all up and down Division Street.

I am not the only one who is curious about this Paulrus. The question was asked over at Blog where others have whispered tales of Paulrus Go Home, Paulrus Lives and Paulrus Call Home.

falsefridays flickr set shows that The Walrus Was John is in the same handwriting. (Project Ant Farm stencil in the shot as well.)

Luke Mann also tells Ryan Hamilton Paulrus is Dead on Ryan's Myspace page.

Will we ever find out who Paulrus is. I would like to so I could tell him to knock it the fuck off.


Anonymous said...

They have apparently inspired a line of T shirts.


Terry said...

Do your research on the late 60s Paul McCartney is dead rumor. Many many clues in beatles albums and within the songs. "The walrus is Paul. and a photo in the Magical Mystery Tour album inner sleave - a photo depicting a person in a walrus costume, in an antique uniform and sitting at a desk with a plaque. The plaque had the brit version of our acronym DOA. Thus the walrus is paul and the walus is dead - Palrus is dead tagging.