Saturday, July 22, 2006

Karma sells independent records with a smile!

I went to see my friend Darin's band play last night. They played last of four bands and definitely were the best of the four. Unfortunately no one heard them. This was the first time I saw a show in Vancouver but if the butt rock bands that played first are what they go for they all deserved to miss them. That Slipnot Fratboy 1996 Weak ass shit is so tired.

Well I came to see Woke Up Falling so I did not feel bad about drifting in and out of the 15th Street Pub's hall and missing the majority of the pap that came before. The band seemed to be in awesome form and turned it up a notch just to clear the room. They did it and by the end there were only the five of us friends and a few stragglers left in the hall. The fun part was the fact that every time they were asked to turn it down from management, I saw them turning up. By the end it was really loud and quite fun. The show ended pretty quick but the songs they played were great.

If you want to check them out here are some links to songs from their web page, a couple videos, and a link to their myspace page where there is another song and two more videos.

Songs (To download audio right click and choose "save target as")
In Silence, Fake Your Death, Here's Your Pretty, Let Your Halo, 21 Miles Into Kansas, Laughing At The Thought and Start To Breath.

Video (To download video, right click and choose "save target as")

These guys are pretty good and you should check them out. Here are a few pictures I took of the band.

Hi, my name is Gordie, and I am the singer. Howling, no mercy, tear your face off destructor.

Zak. Don't let the small size fool you, I am a monster riffing guitar player.

Josh. These drum sticks are registered weapons with the The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Darin. 15 flavors of thud. You can almost taste that buttery low end can't you?

Darin Gordie Josh Zak

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