Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Need These Gadgets!

Alex Merck's Weird Sound Generator Permits Synthing While You Dine!

Oh my god. Justin, if you ever felt like helping me wrap my brains 'round an electrical type project, this is it. I want ten of these things triggered by light sensors built into my car. Imagine the cacophany it would create when the car was approached.

I guess a simple one in anything would be good too. I bet there are some simple variations we could wrangle also.

Another cool electro device I love. John-Mike's Bleep Labs Thingamagoop. I have to have them all......

Perhaps they could be combined with the Weird Sound Generator. Perhaps they are the same type thing. Perhaps I have to get them/build them to find out for sure.

And finally flickr sets of cool art I came across. Also of Bleep Labs.

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Justin said...

You buy the parts and find enclosures and I'll be more than happy to provide the assembly or soldering iron tutelage should you choose to take it on yourself.

We could bust a couple of these off in an afternoon.