Thursday, August 19, 2010

His name is Mitch. He's the barista and he's a very nice guy.

Stopped to see my friend Mitch at Mr. French's Coffee Kitchen to grab some coffee this morning. On the way out of industrial SE I stopped to snap a few shots of a mural and a small paster.

Happy Hour

Large mural. This this is huge covering a small dock door that had been boarded over. Roughly 5'x5'.

Happy Hour Detail

One of 8 floating surgeons heads making up the background of the mural.


Bearded man paster. Like the pen and ink style.

This is the reason you should always have a camera with you. The phone cam does no justice.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Washington, DC is to lying what Wisconsin is to cheese.

Saw this commercial this morning and I had to share it with you. Enjoy.

And a reminder of the Budweiser commercial.

Oh yah, I saw this and it gave me a good chuckle. I guess all Bears fan don't suck.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad...

Just a few of my current favorite things

Rainier Cherries
Due to an incident stemming from a McDonald's cherry pie and a bout of vomit induced shock the smell and taste of cherries and anything cherry flavored it had been roughly 30 years since I last ate anything cherry related. It was hard due to the fact that the eighties were the decade of wild cherry flavor. 25% of Starburst candy, all brands of bubblegum and worst of all the fluoride paste the dentist hygienist uses to clean your teeth all were cherry flavored. The smell of Bubble Yum or Jolly Rancher permeated many a classroom caused me much distress and often triggered a gag reflex.

Anyway, it took me a little courage but I was able to swallow these blush beauties. Mmmm, love 'em! Rainier's are a cross between the Bing and Van cultivars and can fetch up to a dollar a piece in Japan due to the fact that 1/3 of an orchard's crop will be eaten by birds.

Bert the Conqueror
An everyday Joe (Bert) squeals with glee as he tackles insane thrill rides and participates in hilariously absurd and undeniably dangerous challenges from across America.

Bert is funny and endearing. Wednesday nights on the Travel Channel.

Caravan w/BU2B (Brought Up To Believe)
The new single from the rock band Rush of the work in progress album Clockwork Angels. I heard "Caravan" as the back half of a two-fer on the local rock radio station KGON on my way home Tuesday evening. Next thing I know the car is going 90. Quite the rocker with an amazing guitar solo. Can't wait to hear the record and wish I could see them this weekend. I have not heard more than a snippet of "BU2B".

I am a little too old to have had the privilege of owning or playing with the Masters of the Universe action figure collection but I am not to old not to appreciate the amazing design of this toy. Come on...he has an eyeball for a head! How much cooler can it get?

Dean Bel Aire
You got your Stratocaster mixed into my Explorer. Superstrat. Basically a strat with a bit of heavy metal coolness. Plus the silverburst finish appeals to me. The only thing I would change would be the pickle fork head stock and swap it with a Gibson/Kramer hockey stick type configuration. Regular or reverse would look rad.

Fender Performer
Another guitar similar to the Dean above. Made for one year 85-86 by Fender Japan to appeal to metal and rock guitarists. I just like its abstract shape and cool angled pick-ups.

What are your favorites lately?