Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What are you eating under there?

At work the other day the age old question "What is the green guy that isn't the grapes in the Fruit of the Loom underwear ads?" came up. After a little research I found the answer.

He's a leaf.
While doing the research I stumbled across, get this, a rock video. Quite a catchy little number as pop music played by four adult males dressed as fruit and greens goes.
So for you that are fans of the fruits I give you For those of you that are just flat out curious check it out as well. Just click the music videos tab and watch the neat video for Blue.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Aesthetic quality is an absolute value independent of any human view

These are the amazing drawings my niece Savannah did. She started the third grade today.

Crayon on heavy board stock, 2004

"Psychedelic Fish"
poster paint and pencil on heavy paper stock, 2006

Poster paint and organic plant matter on heavy paper stock, 2005

Atari is a very sad story.

~ Steve Wozniak

Well I certainly have had a trip down memory lane this week. Cleaning out the closet at my Mom and Dad's house to ship to Oregon has unearthed quite a trove of 80's and 90's Electro treasure.


Controllers clockwise from left: ColecoVision, Jemstick (after market 2600), Intellivision and Atari.

Detail of the "Blister Giver" as I so fondly called the 2600 joystick.

Hey...It talks! Intellivision's Intellivoice.

In all I packed to ship: Atari 2600 first and second generation, ColecoVision, Intellivision, Sega 16 bit, Sega 32X and Sega CD. Quite a few carts for all of the games and joysticks and the Intellivoice seen above. Can't wait to throw them on a tv when I get home.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Stop in and experience a Guinness the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

The night I arrived in Wisconsin my brother KC took me to his favorite hangout, The House of Guinness.

Front entrance of The House of Guinness

Front of Menu

Ghostly figure at the end of the bar (Hey KC!) keeping my pint company.

MMMMM, Beer!!

This is a pretty special place with a colorful bar manager and great music KC says. His favorite is this kid named Hayward Williams. Check him out.

One stop shopping for some of the fundimental differences between Oregon and Wisconsin

I am now going to show some of you the first difference between Oregon and Wisconsin that I encountered when I arrived here in '98.

This is a CITGO convenience mart/gas station just outside Waukesha, the city where my brother KC lives and works.

1) Notice the Harley rider...NO helmet. There are still no helmet laws in the state of Wisconsin.

2) That's right people pumping their own gas. Pay at the pump 24 hours a day. So the only way some methed out grinder can put a ding or scratch or even dribble a little petroleum based paint oxidizer on the side of your car is if you are ganked on that stuff yourself.

3) Here is the one that would send OLCC official's heads-a-spinning for sure. A gas station, you know the kind on the side of the highway right next to the McDonalds, with a huge selection of wine and beer and do you see that? Yes, LIQUOR, right there at the front of the store near the Skittles. Not even locked up. Huh?!