Saturday, September 01, 2007

One stop shopping for some of the fundimental differences between Oregon and Wisconsin

I am now going to show some of you the first difference between Oregon and Wisconsin that I encountered when I arrived here in '98.

This is a CITGO convenience mart/gas station just outside Waukesha, the city where my brother KC lives and works.

1) Notice the Harley rider...NO helmet. There are still no helmet laws in the state of Wisconsin.

2) That's right people pumping their own gas. Pay at the pump 24 hours a day. So the only way some methed out grinder can put a ding or scratch or even dribble a little petroleum based paint oxidizer on the side of your car is if you are ganked on that stuff yourself.

3) Here is the one that would send OLCC official's heads-a-spinning for sure. A gas station, you know the kind on the side of the highway right next to the McDonalds, with a huge selection of wine and beer and do you see that? Yes, LIQUOR, right there at the front of the store near the Skittles. Not even locked up. Huh?!

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Meghan said...

Ahhh...yes, booze and gas all in one place! The start of a perfect roadtrip...God Bless America!!!