Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tagging is pretty intuitive and can take some practice to fully understand.


I just saw this tag painted over on three consecutive garage doors. Cool use of color and I like the letter style.

Recreation Reinvention 1AM:

Probably the boldest and cleanest lettering I have ever seen. Who knows what it says.

Know Your World!

GPS (?)
Not cool enough for the DUDES post and not really cool lettering but the combination seems to work nice.

Caught once before in tandem with REGAL

And finally, the evidence. Some ones been painting back here.

Ancient Roman graffiti also suggests that love was the object of scorn


Our little rabbit friend? touching a...ah nevermind. Wait, is he throwing a switch?


Fight The Power, BANG!

OMG!!! I just realized all of the pieces done by this person were done using white-washes as part of the art. ROCK ON!

Lost Cause.. I have seen the word bubble before, usually on new construction.

This little green fellah was real long and I thought I got him all but didn't. Wait for the panorama to see all of him.

Giddy-Up striped cowboy. I love the colors on this one.

Probably the coolest piece here. I wish I could cut away this part of the building and have this on a wall in my home. Who says that graffiti is a blight?

Over There! Sheesh!

Small detail of a Devil and Angel thing on a crudely drawn boy's shoulders.

Here is a shot of the last four all together. You can see the blue boy with the little Angel/Devil on his shoulders. A definite one-upsmanship going on here.

Roughly painted dude pointing in the same direction as the old men in previous picture.

Anid!'s little alien friend.

This person is definitely one of my favorites in town. I have posted his/her work before and it is always on a grand scale. See the sailor piece from earlier in this post to see what I mean.

Feast on the Beast? Very crude animal of some kind. This is all over now and I have seen die cut stickers of the beast in my neighborhood. Oh well.

This page shows the most popular tags


These actually look to be stickers with stencils over them but I think they look pretty cool. This is the first artsy looking graffiti you see in the siding after you poke your head through the fence.

An interesting Flick. Not so much for the letters but for the stencils within. Somebody had some time for this piece.

Origami cranes fill the letter R.

Two Darth Vaders and Two AT-AT's. Black and silver equals the Dark Side.

All Day I Dream About Sex. Shell Toes? Mid exclamation point.

Enter the Dragon. Bruce Lee in day-glo green just below the exclamation point.

Needed to say F-U but stopped at F? or Wanted to give our young gang of rattle can bandits a grade in art? It seems the railroad wanted to join in none-the-less.

We sit around the railroad tracks and has the mostest fun

The next few posts (the only way I thought I could pull this off) are going to be from this train siding north of Powell. The best way to get there if you are curious would be to approach it from SE 13th place. I have notated the on the overhead as number 1. There is a place to park and a hole in the fence there. I am sure there are people living in this area due to the amount of lean-tos and sleeping bags on the side of the tracks. Be careful.

This is the rear wall of the building on Gideon marked 2 on the overhead above.

This is the side wall of a half quonset building on 15th street marked 3 on the overhead.

As I stated I will try to show you details of the buildings divided into categories. Stencils, Dudes and Words. I was pretty overwhelmed by this little graphic slice of heaven and I intend to go back and make a panoramic collage of both walls. I figure if I stand on the rail I should be able to stay the same distance from the wall to make a pretty good panorama of it all. Here's hoping for another sunny day soon.

Anyway I hope you like the show.

Oh yeah, Nascar Dad, this one is for you.

See what City projects are underway or planned for the future that could affect you.

Johnny and I also went to Lake Oswego. I wish there were some interesting photos to post from there but we drove in and out so fast the only pictures that I took I really needn't have gotten out of the car for. I will spare you the car side attraction though and post the only thing I found interesting about Lake 'No Negro'.

Not exactly sure what it is but I got out of the car so I think it's cool.

I guess this is what you would call the business end.

Same end just trying to get rid of the flash shadows.

Another view of the business end. I promised myself I would come back another day to take a picture when the sun was lower in the eastern sky so I would not have to use flash. You know what though, I don't think I want to go back to Lake Oswego. This was the only real cool thing about the place.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

It's true I've dabbled at times with confident lines

My introduction to Oregon City. This was the first time I was to this place. I didn't even know it existed. You should all check it out if you haven't been there. Pretty neat.

7th Street and Railroad Avenue
Oregon City Municipal Elevator

The Oregon City Municipal elevator is the only municipal elevator in the United States and one of four municipal elevators in the world. It is also the only vertical street in North America.

It lifts people 100 feet up to the mid-level part of Oregon City. Basalt terraces divide the city into three levels. Before the first elevator was built here the preferred route up the basalt terrace was 722 steps from the base of the cliff to the top of the bluff.

This 751-ton plus concrete and steel elevator shaft is electric and replaced the original wooden water powered elevator in 1955.

Tunnel entrance.

Tunnel entrance.

To ride the 130 foot 15 second elevator, passengers must go through a 35-foot tunnel under the railroad tracks.

On the Bluff
Interior of Oregon City Municipal Elevator

Bronze plaque with Municipal Elevator story.

Mural with Oregon Trail 'End Of The Trail' depiction.

Another Mural depicting the original wooden water powered Municipal Elevator opened in 1915.

Looking straight down to Railroad Avenue.

A view of the Masonic Temple 709 Main Street.

A view west up 7th Street and the Oregon City Bridge. The bridge was opened in 1922 and crosses the Willamette River into West Linn Oregon.

An exterior view looking north from the park along the top of the bluff.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The dilemma of living in the past

Did you know that some email services store sent emails for quite some time? I was looking for a previous email to find an old friend's address and came across some sappy emails I sent some girl in 2000. I am amazed at the crap I wrote. I didn't think I ever felt this in love with someone but apparently I felt pretty strongly for this girl. Be forewarned, this is going to get all poetically sappy so be prepared, I was obviously insane. Shockingly embarrassing disclosure in 5, 4, 3, 2.......

Hello Squirrel Princess,

I'm glad I got to see you this morning. You always look real cute in the morning. Your hair is so nice, all sprayed about like a cloud of golden mist reflecting the early morning sun. Its angelic, like your halo. Your face always looks so fresh. I feel like kissing your lips for an eternity, sacrificing my breathing to sustain your life. I would soak up all that radiance and in turn would likely be able to walk on the clouds above. Luckily my heart has but the narrowest strings tied to yours. It allows me to float up but not away. I want to grab a star for you but fear of straining the tether keeps me from reach. Perhaps if you would allow yourself to float up with me we could steal a few and light the way for true love. I hope to see you tonight and look forward to talking to you real soon. I love you...haljon

I will now delete this because I have so publicly documented my insanity. I may even share a few more after I read through and make sure none of them are incriminating.

I See London, I See France…

On Thursday at work we had a "tanker day'. Tanker day is the day maybe twice a year when we get massive quantities of coconut and palm oil but that's not the point of this posting. You see I tore the ass out of my pants so I had to go shopping. I went to Target, bought 2 pair of jeans, three t-shirts and 4 pair of underwear. A few things struck me as funny as I shopped.

1. Why are the big and tall men's sized clothing on the bottom shelves? Right on the floor almost. We have the tough time bending to get it. I know crack a fat joke or two but seriously. Some taller men are bigger but not necessarily fat. They have to bend as well. I say let the little guys get the bottom shelves.

2. Why do underwear manufacturers insist on putting a striped print or red/powder blue/light grey pair of underwear between two black pairs in a pack of three? Okay this isn't always true but this day it was for my size at least. Medium: two blacks, one dark grey. Large: two blacks one dark navy. XXL: two dark navy one dark grey. XL: Two blacks one powder blue. In one case it was light blue, powder blue and pea green. Ugh! Haynes and Fruit of the Loom, both the same way. A single pair of black underwear from a designer brand $10. Three packs from the previous two brands $7.99 and $8.99 respectfully. It is not right!

3. Finally settled on Merona brand.

Two pack $10 dollars but both black. Here is the kicker. They came in a re-sealable package. Why? To maintain freshness? Can't you just eat them both at once or do you have to put one back in the drawer for later? Messy crumbs? Hmmm? I might understand if they were made of wool, or hydrogen even but must cotton underwear but packed in a zipper lock bag? Is this why they cost as much as three pair of any other brand?

Zipper Bag?

So before I posted this I did a little research and found this. underwear4men.com (caution: gay porn site). A forum for men about men's underwear. Weird but a funny. The really creepy thing to me is the fact they say the word undies far too many times for grown men.