Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thou Shalt Not Pass This Up!

I am feeling like sharing. JT has been sharing the last few posts so it's only fair I do the same thing.

First things first, a link to an Avant Garde, Contemporary Classical, Ambient Soundscape and Free Improvisation agrigator called Modisti. Plenty of John Cage, Keith Rowe, La Monte Young and Takeshi Nakamura type goodness.

Next we have the opening sequence from the Anime show The Ping Pong Club. I have no idea what this show is about (nor will you after watching the clip) but it looks like it could give Scooby Doo or Sponge Bob Square Pants a run for their "Stoner" money.

Post-punk Junk has a post today for the musical soundtracks from the first two feature films made by David Cronenberg. Pretty cool. As a bonus the post also includes tracks from Bruce McCulloch's first solo album. Great score I would say.

I hope you enjoyed this enough to get you through your day.

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