Sunday, October 08, 2006

She was wearing a different dress, but she was still unmistakably the jaw-dropping red-haired beauty

JT and I went to the Northside Saturday to do a little Nerd hunting. Along the way we bumped into a friend of mine Glitterstar Heaven, at Muddy's, and joined her for lunch. We chatted about B horror movies, Sufjan Stevens and her new painting among other things. As we approached completing our samiches it was decided we would go to Amnesia, have a drink and continue our chat.




My Little Trophy.

Yes that is one sad Little Pony eye.

Now a word from our sponsor.

Decco art sticker. After shooting this sticker an older man mentioned how he loved all the graffiti and how he wanted to invite people over to do his house next.

Angry face sticker in orange.

Here is another bird sticker. These are all over the Mississippi neighborhood. Still cool.

Was it worth the hunt. YES!

I saw these two Nerds on the paper boxes on Friday night so I knew I would be able to get something for a post.

This one was the treat for the day. The bike rack in front of Mississippi Pizza is always crammed with bikes so it was cool to spot it without the bikes. There's my little friend.

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