Tuesday, October 24, 2006

This page shows the most popular tags


These actually look to be stickers with stencils over them but I think they look pretty cool. This is the first artsy looking graffiti you see in the siding after you poke your head through the fence.

An interesting Flick. Not so much for the letters but for the stencils within. Somebody had some time for this piece.

Origami cranes fill the letter R.

Two Darth Vaders and Two AT-AT's. Black and silver equals the Dark Side.

All Day I Dream About Sex. Shell Toes? Mid exclamation point.

Enter the Dragon. Bruce Lee in day-glo green just below the exclamation point.

Needed to say F-U but stopped at F? or Wanted to give our young gang of rattle can bandits a grade in art? It seems the railroad wanted to join in none-the-less.

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