Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We sit around the railroad tracks and has the mostest fun

The next few posts (the only way I thought I could pull this off) are going to be from this train siding north of Powell. The best way to get there if you are curious would be to approach it from SE 13th place. I have notated the on the overhead as number 1. There is a place to park and a hole in the fence there. I am sure there are people living in this area due to the amount of lean-tos and sleeping bags on the side of the tracks. Be careful.

This is the rear wall of the building on Gideon marked 2 on the overhead above.

This is the side wall of a half quonset building on 15th street marked 3 on the overhead.

As I stated I will try to show you details of the buildings divided into categories. Stencils, Dudes and Words. I was pretty overwhelmed by this little graphic slice of heaven and I intend to go back and make a panoramic collage of both walls. I figure if I stand on the rail I should be able to stay the same distance from the wall to make a pretty good panorama of it all. Here's hoping for another sunny day soon.

Anyway I hope you like the show.

Oh yeah, Nascar Dad, this one is for you.

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