Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ancient Roman graffiti also suggests that love was the object of scorn


Our little rabbit friend? touching a...ah nevermind. Wait, is he throwing a switch?


Fight The Power, BANG!

OMG!!! I just realized all of the pieces done by this person were done using white-washes as part of the art. ROCK ON!

Lost Cause.. I have seen the word bubble before, usually on new construction.

This little green fellah was real long and I thought I got him all but didn't. Wait for the panorama to see all of him.

Giddy-Up striped cowboy. I love the colors on this one.

Probably the coolest piece here. I wish I could cut away this part of the building and have this on a wall in my home. Who says that graffiti is a blight?

Over There! Sheesh!

Small detail of a Devil and Angel thing on a crudely drawn boy's shoulders.

Here is a shot of the last four all together. You can see the blue boy with the little Angel/Devil on his shoulders. A definite one-upsmanship going on here.

Roughly painted dude pointing in the same direction as the old men in previous picture.

Anid!'s little alien friend.

This person is definitely one of my favorites in town. I have posted his/her work before and it is always on a grand scale. See the sailor piece from earlier in this post to see what I mean.

Feast on the Beast? Very crude animal of some kind. This is all over now and I have seen die cut stickers of the beast in my neighborhood. Oh well.

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