Sunday, October 22, 2006

It's true I've dabbled at times with confident lines

My introduction to Oregon City. This was the first time I was to this place. I didn't even know it existed. You should all check it out if you haven't been there. Pretty neat.

7th Street and Railroad Avenue
Oregon City Municipal Elevator

The Oregon City Municipal elevator is the only municipal elevator in the United States and one of four municipal elevators in the world. It is also the only vertical street in North America.

It lifts people 100 feet up to the mid-level part of Oregon City. Basalt terraces divide the city into three levels. Before the first elevator was built here the preferred route up the basalt terrace was 722 steps from the base of the cliff to the top of the bluff.

This 751-ton plus concrete and steel elevator shaft is electric and replaced the original wooden water powered elevator in 1955.

Tunnel entrance.

Tunnel entrance.

To ride the 130 foot 15 second elevator, passengers must go through a 35-foot tunnel under the railroad tracks.

On the Bluff
Interior of Oregon City Municipal Elevator

Bronze plaque with Municipal Elevator story.

Mural with Oregon Trail 'End Of The Trail' depiction.

Another Mural depicting the original wooden water powered Municipal Elevator opened in 1915.

Looking straight down to Railroad Avenue.

A view of the Masonic Temple 709 Main Street.

A view west up 7th Street and the Oregon City Bridge. The bridge was opened in 1922 and crosses the Willamette River into West Linn Oregon.

An exterior view looking north from the park along the top of the bluff.


nosmot said...

lmao, that one with the sign, and the sun. what a strange experience...

J said...

Ah, the O.C. The elevator is the highlight of any visit unless you're into old houses. I like that they have little plaques on all the historic buildings with the year they were built. And that elevator, it's like a trip to the future, fifty years ago.