Saturday, October 21, 2006

I See London, I See France…

On Thursday at work we had a "tanker day'. Tanker day is the day maybe twice a year when we get massive quantities of coconut and palm oil but that's not the point of this posting. You see I tore the ass out of my pants so I had to go shopping. I went to Target, bought 2 pair of jeans, three t-shirts and 4 pair of underwear. A few things struck me as funny as I shopped.

1. Why are the big and tall men's sized clothing on the bottom shelves? Right on the floor almost. We have the tough time bending to get it. I know crack a fat joke or two but seriously. Some taller men are bigger but not necessarily fat. They have to bend as well. I say let the little guys get the bottom shelves.

2. Why do underwear manufacturers insist on putting a striped print or red/powder blue/light grey pair of underwear between two black pairs in a pack of three? Okay this isn't always true but this day it was for my size at least. Medium: two blacks, one dark grey. Large: two blacks one dark navy. XXL: two dark navy one dark grey. XL: Two blacks one powder blue. In one case it was light blue, powder blue and pea green. Ugh! Haynes and Fruit of the Loom, both the same way. A single pair of black underwear from a designer brand $10. Three packs from the previous two brands $7.99 and $8.99 respectfully. It is not right!

3. Finally settled on Merona brand.

Two pack $10 dollars but both black. Here is the kicker. They came in a re-sealable package. Why? To maintain freshness? Can't you just eat them both at once or do you have to put one back in the drawer for later? Messy crumbs? Hmmm? I might understand if they were made of wool, or hydrogen even but must cotton underwear but packed in a zipper lock bag? Is this why they cost as much as three pair of any other brand?

Zipper Bag?

So before I posted this I did a little research and found this. (caution: gay porn site). A forum for men about men's underwear. Weird but a funny. The really creepy thing to me is the fact they say the word undies far too many times for grown men.

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