Saturday, July 15, 2006

The correct way to place a foot back down on the ground is simply to reverse the procedure for lifting

Nosmot and I went into industrial northwest today for a walkabout. We mostly trod up a set of unutilized railroad tracks then circled back past the Pyramid Brewing Company.

Along the tracks where abandoned railcars and cabooses (what is the plural of caboose?) sat unmoving were a few buildings and a graffitied wall or two. Johnny has a few up on his blog if you want to see them. His post is pretty cool. I can tell we look at things differently that's for sure. I took a few shots of the graffiti but might save that for another post because I am sticking to a theme today.

Look Down!

Steel Company. One of the buildings along the siding. JT took the same picture from a different angle.

I like the contrast of the railroad spike against the white silica. There were three or four in the same area but this one seemed to be pointing in the right direction. *Detail*

The cool part of this ball of baling twine is in the not and shadow. It looks warm against the cold blue and brown cinders. I also think it is kind of an odd place for a ball of twine don't you? *Detail*

This looks like a peice of driftwood washed up on a stone covered beach. The warmth of the rusted rail feels all alive and the worn wood feels dead. Pretty good huh? I am an Artiste! If only there would have been something really cool in the middle of this natural frame. What...too cheesy? *Detail*

This was the first picture I took. The sun really was deceptive because I thought everything kind of had the same monotone look aboout it. This steel coil in fact jumps right at you just like it jumped right at me. *Detail*

Finally, my favorite. No that is not a salt shaker. It's a manhole cover. Reminds me of a Bob Mould album cover. Or maybe a cracker? I was having a hard time taking this picture because the sun was glaring off it in every direction it seemed. When I stood blocking the sun it looked like a plain old sewer cover. *Detail*

Same cover from a different angle. I really like this one as well. Different angle, different color. I thik it has unique contrast and the steel has an almost purple hue to it.

It has been so much fun taking pictures. Fogive me if you think they are sometimes a bit too artsy. I am no artist but these kinds of shots appeal to me. Bless Nosmot for taking me to all the places in Portland that I have not been. Thank you.

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I believe it is caboosi.