Sunday, July 30, 2006

Poison control said I had to drink lots of water the rest of the day.

Here are some of the other foto's from my Saturday walk with Nos.

The sign on the post below this one said look up so I shot the sky. I am glad it did because I love this picture.

Did you ever wonder why it's called Wonder Bread? Awesome clouds again.

Truck on a truck on a truck...Others have taken pictures of this truck. Why shouldn't I?

What is Michelle laughing at?


Another ameoba on a recycling bin behind The Fresh Pot on Mississippi.

Cool wine-man sticker on the garbage can on the sidewalk in front of Mississippi Pizza.

Bird stickers on a building at Going and Mississippi.

A look at the birds close up.


Muse said...

Great shots!
It's called Wonder Bread, 'cause it can last for yrs & yrs without going stale ; )
(and i wonder why anyone eats the stuff)

Ozmat said...

Nice photos man! Even that one of the scary-staring bald guy! I think my camera must be busted, cuz you're stuff always blows me away!!!