Monday, July 31, 2006

Picket signs for my wicked rhymes

Hey here's another cleanin' out my closet type posting with pictures that didn't fit but I wanted to share them thing going on. Enjoy.

A Blue Bird sticker from my Saturday Nerd hunt with JT. There were others in various states of completeness (torn) and at least one paintover. Some sign on Mississippi.

This is from the same walk that yeilded the Westinghouse foto's. Again with the signs and doorways...I like the geometry of it.

Winter bike rack veiw west on Killingsworth. This is the old coolpix 775. I loved the no flash night time shots with that camera. Etheral and orange.

A post would not be cool unless it had a picture of a pallet right? There are a few places in the warehouse at work where the floor looks like that. I did not realize the floor looked cool until later because I was really just taking a picture of the pallet boards.

A rusty tin can from the South Holgate walk that the top to bottom train car came from. Not quite as cool as the spike, twine, stick, coil and manhole cover shots from a few weeks back but I think it looks ok.

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