Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Kidnapping is not a rare crime but a lucrative line of business

If you haven't been there yet Nosmot posted a group of pictures from a walk he and I took near John's neighborhood. John has since posted photos from the nasty bridge Nos's Hood at Sellwoodstreet blog. Notice the threat of a "Turf War?" in the post, Hey we know where you live John! Go to the blog and check out the stuff he's posted. Really love the Packerd Jennings post. I will have fun there for sure.

I have decided that the Westinghouse picture set will have a post of it's own due to the fact I can't pick one or two shots to share.
This four square block of industry off of Interstate Avenue is so cool. The only folk we saw were kids eating lunch at the stained glass factory down there. Everything is "BIG" here in one way or another so we stayed and went for it.

This may or may not have been on the Westinghouse building but I can't remember so I stuck it here. I can here that valve squeek and groan without even turning it.

Infront of Vlad Vladmaster's workshop? The deadly nightshade appears to be pulling this blue bike right from it's wheels. I realize it's in disrepair but it's cool enough that I would still try to ride it.

The geometry of doors and signage. Love It!

The red "S" framing the window was cool but I apparently have some trouble framing pictures. Beleave me, it's an S.

Man do I love wires. I have photoshopped the sky so many different colors thinking it would look awesome but decided to leave it this way.

Another door, but this time Satanic. Bielzebub sells Polyurethane to your mom...IN HELL!!

Nosmot snapping that N. Thompson Street sign.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building. Push button to see where he went.

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Simmer Tree said...

Nice work Oregahal! I like your keen eye for geometry and symmetry in some of the pics!

Unrelated - when are you going to post about your bursting excitement for the upcoming Cure album?