Thursday, April 10, 2008

In contrast to protected sex is unprotected sex

In celebration of one of my neighbors finally leaving their wireless network unprotected I share with thee the promo cards from the highly anticipated 2008 Retro Prog Rock set by Topps Trading Card Company.

1979 Topps Traded #TT44 Steve How

1976 Topps Prog Pioneer Insert #PP1 Robert Moog

1973 Topps All-Time All-Stars #231 Robert Fripp

1976 Topps Prog Pioneer Insert #PP6 Brian Eno

1977 Topps #21 Alex Lifeson


Casey said...

Just got my first pack, came with 3 Wakeman cards, I'll hold out for the Fleer set where I can find him playing Lefty! Honestly though, nothing like Tales from Topographic with that fresh bubblegum smell

Oregarus said...

I am going to open the other pack today and will post them tonight.