Saturday, June 24, 2006

Portlands true Failing Pedestrian Bridge

"Nosmot you are crazy. There is NO way I am going up on that thing!"

JT took me to the pedestrian overpass today. I was amazed when we approached it. This thing looks like it could fall over if the wind blew too hard.

There I am, a couple steps from the top reflecting on why I am climbing this thing.

Immediatly to the north of the bridge. Wisconsin comes through in a big way baby.

Cresting the top stair looking along the surfice at foot level. For the most part the grafitti sucks with a few gems.

All little dudes. One stencil and two primative cave etchings.

Be weary, the hand of Man.

Weary be the Man and his Hand.

...and the final descent. Thank you for flying Rickety ol' Stairways.