Saturday, May 02, 2009

Once again, he's back the incredible...the rhyme animal.

We talked about the incredible SlapChop once before here at Things of the Spirit an I thought we would do a follow up post.

We all know the ShamWow spokesman Vince Shlomi had gotten arrested bac in March because a hooker did not love his nuts as much as he thought she would. Shlomi, after paying Sasha Harris $1,000 for sex, punched her face repeatedly after she bit his tongue and would not let go.

Shlomi and Harris avoided trial because prosecutors declined to pursue formal charges against either of them.

What I truley wanted to share with you though is the video remix that DJ Steve Porter put together. It is currently topping my favorite song list along with the Auto-Tune dude's songs.

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Intergalactic Cupcake said...

ShamWow is so powerful, watch as it easily absorbs all this spilled sin, morals, and blood within a 500 foot radius right before your very eyes.