Thursday, July 02, 2009

...and filled the air with barbarous dissonance.

thank you Emerson over at Chunklet for bring this to my attention.

Kittens who make no noise dangerous!


Average Squirrel said...
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Average Squirrel said...

Alright, I will admit to my major crush on the kitty at the very end. I peek in on that sweet face everyday.

Yeah, I am a girl. Whatever.
Nothing any of us can do about that now.

Average Squirrel said...

I meant to add that I deleted my first comment only because I used "peak" instead of "peek" AND that kitty is as cute today as it was on the prior days. He is a ray of sunshine with those squishy anime eyes.

I wonder if the other cat relates the sound to the movement of the wire at all...