Thursday, February 25, 2010

Noodles? Forget it! Try my fist!


...and so the story goes. One night a young Flying V Amputee ninja, fresh from his training, had a dream of big city ninjas melting faces in a rose thorned garden. After two days of meditation upon its meaning he decided it was his destiny to bring forth a ninja metal band as a vessel for epic heavy music in Portland, OR. He sought out other urban ninjas to join his adventure with only his guitar and keen sense of musical discrimination to guide him. He found Explorer Ninja in a cave, under a waterfall meditating upon hard rock. Rudysan had been on a quest for Vengance but was persuaded to defer this quest in the name of Metal. Christo Bas Ninja had hung up the sword in favor of a quiet contemplative life, but the call of pumping beats were too strong to resist. Throat Rot Ninja was found knee deep in a bourbon induced madness, yelling incoherently for anyone who would listen. When the others heard the dulcet tones of his harangue, they knew then that he was the right ninja to lead them into battle.

Thus, NINJA was born!

1 comment:

Casey said...

Not very stealthy....I can totally see and hear him. Perhaps this is why there are so few Ninjas left in the world. Or are there?????