Sunday, December 17, 2006

Illegal dumping is often a crime of opportunity and occurs in remote locations

I hate to file dump but sometimes one has no choice. A photo dust up was in order. So here it is:
A Hodgepodge

Tuesday, December 5th 10:23 P.M.

Wednesday, December 6th 7:24 A.M.

I wish the moon shot had turned out better but without a tripod of some kind the length of exposure makes for a shaky picture. Even the sunrise the next morning is a bit blurry. Both of the pictures taken from my backyard and yes I was in my Pajamas both times.

The mailbox on the corner by my house. Ah, The Feast on the Beast tag, what crap. I do have a sticker and it looks good but this person should quit

Yeah a Nerd. Garage door on the corner of Killingsworth and N Missouri Av

More Dax art found at work

Quite large Dax-a-phone on cardboard

What is that claw-armed ninja doing?

Uh Sir, it's Catch a Tiger by it's Toe!

Lil' Half Dead! All bad. Stay in school asshole

Steaming hot cup at Haven

Another Nerd at 31st and SE Hawthorne Av

I have been seeing this a lot in NoPo and in the SE parts of town

Formal wear wearing Hydrant-Monster on Hawthorne. Raarrrr!!!

TOER Radio on the way to work. SE 39th. I had seen the Old-Time Radio painted on a building on Mississippi but did not get a chance to snap it.

Mantic. Maybe?

JUNE, right in my own back yard. Rotary in the intersection 37th and SE Lincoln

Very neat MERK at 39th and SE Belmont

Caution: Hula-Hoopah Crossin'

Self portrait at the Crow Bar.

Good Night

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