Sunday, December 31, 2006

Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude. I like fun.

~ Colleen C. Barrett

Some pictures I took at the new farm location my company moved to. It is not finished and we were to start operations on Tuesday. I really don't think we will be ready and anticipate even more overtime rushing around to get into production. The task at hand is a bit more than anyone of us could have imagined. A two month frenzy of moving out to the farm has nearly ended in three days of set up and we came close. It should be an exhausting week but I think I am up for a challenge.

The view of Mount Hood cannot be missed as you approach LNP via South Harris Road

Obscured by trees but still as breath taking Mount Hood from the back of Prod Two

The sun breaches the peak of Production One

A dump truck slumbers in the brisk morning sun.

A chain hangs still

Rust covered bolts await their next bumpy cruise

Giant bonds hold closed the gate holding the contents of the beast's belly

These pipes have spouted the dragon's fiery breath through the years charring it's metallic throat

W5 the last name in dump trucks

It was certainly a cold morning. I took quite a few shots of the icy puddles in the area surrounding the barns. I really like the details in the shiny gravel, leaves, curls of ice and mud

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sillydog said...

Holy cow, Hal! You're actually going out to the farm? Damn, just damn.

The Bears made your Packers look like a good football team on Sunday night. Too bad the Vikes couldn't play Arizona all year long.

Hazah! and Happy New Year.