Saturday, December 08, 2007

The ever-changing designs of beer cans drive me crazy - but I love it!

Here is just a taste of the collection of beer cans and bottles on display at Hopps Haven in Sheboygan.

The mythical Miller Clear.

Sheboygan's finest, Kingsbury.


Mexico's finest: Pacifico, Nude, Chihuahua and Victora.

Miller: High Life (pony bottle), Lite (script), Lite (block) and Genuine Draft.

Miller: Reserve Light, $1000 Beer, and Icehouse.

Andecker (Fancy Pabst)

Berghoff Bock, Pabst, Pabst Bock, Pabst Extra Light, Pabst Extra Light II (brewed in Portland Ore) and Pabst.

Pabst (barrel bottle) Pabst salt and pepper shakers), Pabst Special Dark, Pabst NA, Red White & Blue (cheaper Pabst) and Hamms.

Falstaff, Generic Beer, Steinbrau Pale Dry, 1984 Kentucky Derby Festival Beer and Schell Extra Light

Atlas Prager Bohemian Light Lager, Edelweiss Light, Pfeiffer Famous and Schmidt.
Augsburger Dark, Pabst (tin) and Pabst (aluminum)

Big Cat Malt Liquor, Spirit of the Northwest Non-Alcoholic, and Heileman Pemium Light.

Pfiffer Famous (aluminum), Zing Non-Alcoholic, Bub's Beer (makes it fun to be thirsty) and Heilemans The Master Brew.

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