Saturday, December 08, 2007

Explore the local art scene in Sheboygan

Daniel Erbstoesser Fence

I have seen this fence hundreds of times in my life as it is at Whitcomb Av on Lakeshore Dr which is the main road into the city of Sheboygan from Black River where I grew up. The fence is now 31 years old and it has held up well.

This is the rotary intersection at 8th and Indiana Av in Sheboygan. The buiding to the right is the C. Reiss Coal Company building. Through the sculpture is Sheboygan's flag waving and Sheboygan's tallest building, the US Bank Building. To the left is the Spire on the St Cyril Church.


Anonymous said...

The building to the right is the "former" C. Reiss Coal Company. It is now "River Homes at C. Reiss Condominiums" - just one of several river and lakefront, high-end condo developments springing up in the city. Beats me how anyone can afford to pay the taxes!!!

Philosophy said...

my grandad was daniel Erbstoesser and he made that fence along with quite a few other really great sculptures and paintings. He used to be on the sheboygan police force and that was his hobby.