Monday, August 03, 2009

“When we talk about ourselves we almost invariably use Latin words, and when we talk about our neighbors we use Saxon words”

Over at Siempre la Luna J has been having a time with the Blackest of Black and here at Things I've been enamored with Saxon's Wacken attack.

Biff Byford...Classic Mammal Toe

Steve Dawson...Hipster Split!

Screen capture of Steve Dawson to emphasize my point:
Puffy white high tops? Check!
Skinny Jeans? Check!
White belt? Check!
Thick porn stache? Check!
Headband? Check!

Pure hipster 101. In fact this may be the exact image all hipsters base their fashion on.


Justin said...

I can't recall ever hearing Saxon sound so good. They really ripped at Wacken. Even Denim And Leather kicked ass.

Oregarus said...

I know. Last night I was going to bomb you to see if you could find the torrent. The youtube clips are great. I love that Biff is fat and gray but still has a great voice.

I also jammed the vids from 83 last night. The band look like pages ripped from hipster dress code manual.

I posted a screen capture of Steve Dawson to emphasize my point.

Itzcoatl said...

i believe it is called "moose-knuckle"