Sunday, May 14, 2006


These guys are the shit!!!

After snaping the pictures for the fence I stoppe at The B & K supper club for a pop and grabbed a placemat on the way out that had these four things on them. Well they are The Honbatz. I am not exactly sure what the fuck they are other then advertizing icons for the Burger King corporation.

I took pictures of the black and white placemat, cleaned them up and colored them in photoshop. While doing that I got a little curious as to what they were so I went to and I am still not sure why they exist. The funny thing is I had them colored almost the same colors as on the web site. I got the shoes and tongues wrong. Otherwise I was close or dead nuts on. I think like a kid I guess.

Just a little something for a few giggles and a little wasted time.

Oh yeah, there are little ones called Eeeps that were not on the placemats but they look like the red one [Mixmax] but smaller with only one spike and a hell of a lot more teeth.

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