Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kids against candy!

With lead-tainted candy from Mexico still for sale in the Mission, health officials and educators – and even some candy-loving kids – are working to warn the community about its perils.

By Tali Woodward

Contaminated candy

"When we went to check on the markets that had been visited by the Flynn kids, we still spotted many of the candy brands that have fared poorly on lead tests."

"We even found suspicious candies like Pico Diana, Limon 7, and the chili-covered lollipop Mango Vero for sale at Safeway."

"The candies look innocent enough, and the primary culprits in lead poisoning continue to be contaminated paint and dust. But leaden candy is already causing local health problems. In 2004 city health workers (In the Mission, CA) linked four cases of lead poisoning directly to Mexican candy."


Sweet Central American Treat or Suicide?

Tell your kids that when they are at the next fiesta de cumpleaños, when the piñata bursts, if this candy falls out...evítelo tienen gusto de la plaga.

Besides, it tastes nasty!

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