Saturday, May 27, 2006

Strip Mining For Whimsy...I Love This Shit

Stumbled upon another time wasting gem. I Saw a flash cartoon of failed proposed Star Wars toys. Well I looked into Gobler Toys and came across this website.

SeƱor Sandwich looks awesome don't you think?

Another toy The Arachna 500. The last toy ever created by Ira Gobler the company's founder and namesake.

I think my personal favorites though are the Whip-Its.

Ira Yamstake Gobler sounds like he was an interesting fellow. He led a full life until tragedy occurred. The Gobler Toy Company premiered "Gobler's Wobblers" at the 1939 Toy Fair in New York City and it was an instant hit.

Rumor has it in the early 40's, after The Gobler Toy Company tanked due to Ira's failed toe surgery, Ira disappeared in the Dominican Republic but he reappeared as the character 'Grand Moth Tarkin' in Star Wars. It was during the shooting that Ira Yamstake Gobler met his maker.

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