Sunday, January 07, 2007

The fourth dimension is orthogonal to the other three spatial dimensions

JT and I speculated about a digital camera's ability to make double exposure pictures. While sitting at Stumptown on Sunday I experimented a little bit and the results although unpollished are kind of neat. I think with a little more experimenting and an apparatus to cover the lens of the camera a little better one could make some really cool pictures. What do you think?

My second attempt at double exposure. Not bad. I didn't move the camera that much because I wanted to be safe. If I had better timing I could have made the second exposure as long and less ghostly. Oh well not bad for experimentation.

First exposure the front counter second exposure me. The blurred lights are a third exposure due to the fact I could not see whether the shutter had closed. I like that though and could be incorporated into some really neat shots.

Front counter and facial exposures about the same length and again the blurred light third exposure. My timing is way off and perhaps I could shorten the length of shutter speed.

Last picture. My face is the first exposure this time making me less ghostly then a second with my thumb in it then the third blurred light exposure. I guess my signature foul up. I will continue to try this method out and share more results as the come.

I will also try to determine a way to close the lens manually a little better. Perhaps with some heavy paper board or other opaque object.

Another discussion we had was about the red pictures I take by placing my finger over the flash. I figure if I use other colored gels I could do some funky things as well. I am sure these are not new ideas but this is what ameture photography is about right?

Another cola picture. Not as good as the first shot but with a little PSing I could lighten it up. It was in a red plastic cup and we were sitting in a dark pizza shop so...

Reflections in a cup of Stumptown coffee. It's full of stars.

Another shot at the pizza place. This kind of looks like the Willamette Weeks Food Finder.

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