Monday, January 01, 2007

This Is All I Ask (Beautiful Girls Walk A Little Slower)

Went for a quick walk tonight because I had seen a Nerd going to work last week. Here's a little of what I saw.

I took a few shots of the berries hanging in front of the house. There just wasn't enough light to get a good picture so I shot with a flash. They looked a lot cooler then this, each berry with a drip of water on it. I really didn't like the flash so I tried the old finger over the flash trick and kinda like the results. If I were a little more adept at PhotoShop I may have made them look even better. Oh well.

The two red shots with the finger over the flash. Kinda neat.

A cool USPS sticker by ELBO. This is the first piece I have seen by ELBO. I love the guys expression.

Yup, another beloved Nerd on the fence behind the old Kinky's Korner Klean on SE 37th and Belmont

On the way home I stopped at my friend Darin's house for a beer and a little T.V. watching. Got to sit and snuggle with the kids as well. How can you resist a face like Annie's?

Before I slipped out I popped into one of the coolest Dude Bathrooms ever. Jolly Roger shower curtain.

Dia De Los Muertos motif tile in the shower.

Dinosaur toilet seat lid...wha?!

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