Monday, January 01, 2007

Investigators with a wealth of expertise in diverse disciplines gathered at the New York Academy of Sciences for an update

Back in October I had this post with pictures of a train siding covered on both sides of the track by graffiti. One of the pieces I posted was by an artist named Thesis. Well Nosmot hipped me to a flickr stream he found tonight containing another picture down in San Francisco. Courtesy of loupiote.

He suggested I do a flickr search to see what came up and walla! the results.

Three more pictures of Thesis goodness via otherthings'. Check out the rest of his pics. Quite a few awesome pictures of graffiti.


Nosmot said...

Awesomeness. Making me late for work. I'm gonna have to order some caps this winter and do dome painting this summer. Mmmmm.

Anonymous said...

thesis is a friend of mine - and he is rad. his work is always inspiring. glad to see that others are also into his work. truly an original.