Friday, March 17, 2006

Got Cold After The Rain Fell

Prodded from a deep sleep by the presence is requested at the Crow. Chet wants to play pool and I am the man to help him out. I have been pennieless for a little over a week but somehow manage to close the bar down again. He's buying the beer so how can I resist. I got a few shots of the billiards fun. Here's one of Meghan. Ghostly ain't it?

Here's one of the Battle Axe Tooth drawings that adorn the bathroom walls at the Crow. One of my new faves. I think he is mad. ERRS...I am always surprised to find the gems on a wall as opposed to all the other garbage that clutters bathroom walls and stalls the world over. Keep it up guys.

Here is the snack I had before jetting off to sleep. Makes you hungry doesn't it? MMM...Of course I cooked 'em before eating 'em. Only two remain but I get paid Friday so I will be able to eat food again.

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Nosmot said...

Awww Hal. These stories and pictures are great! I wanna see you dancing with puppies and flower petals eventually tho'. k? Those dogs look soooo sad. : (