Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I Do Not Accept Finity!

I am finding it harder and harder to go to work every day. I have no problem waking in time to go but rollover and close my eyes again. I get the best sleep in the space of time I should be at work and when I actually go. My job is by no means laborious mind you. I just think I have nothing to learn or prove to anybody, especially myself. I feel better now thank you for letting me rant.

I downloaded the album Spiltmilk by Jellyfish last night. I always enjoyed the Bellybutton album but wasn't to sure what they would be like without Jason Falkner. Well you should all listen to it. It is the perfect mix of Beatles, Beachboys, XTC, Quenn etc. Any harmony based pop band you can think of is represented on this album, perhaps even more so than on the first. Pure bliss...

I hung out with my dear friend Katie last night. Frolicked right after work at Amnesia Brewing. I love the staff and Mondays are the shit because of bingo with Tom Heinl. Next week will be his last night of calling bingo and I recomend going. It will be the most fun you'll have on a Monday evening in your entire life. I promise.

After a few beers, a brat and a hot at Amnesia, Katie, Myself and our new friend Cammy ambled (or was it bumbled) up the street to Crowbar. More beer there as well. I think I am seeing a pattern forming here. Kate and I bumped into another freind (Michelle) at the bar and before too long, well if you have been drinking all night you know what happens...

The reason I went on about this is over time, all three of us cried for one reason or another.

My reason for crying came later on talking to a stranger at The Know. We got to talking about Mothers and Fathers. Something he said about Mothers struck a chord. I wept a bit...Thats all.

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