Saturday, September 30, 2006

Go on ahead Mr. Citywide hypnotized

The weather was so nice today. I went for a walk up Hawthorne with the intent to take photos of the Nerd, Amoeba and Flying Pill graffiti I saw on various drives to work. Overall I didn't find that much other art on upper Hawthorne but I will share the few pieces I did find.

A Buddha on the pole of the 7-11 sign.

I don't know.

Cool faded letter sticker. I.C..

Skull stencil on the sidewalk.

Cute little bear sticker reminds me of a Radiohead song for some reason.
"So knives out. Cook him up. Squash his head. Put him in the pot."

The amoeba making a big overhead statement on a wall above the tattoo studio.

Stop Smoking!

Not really a winged pill but definitely the same artist.

A statement on war stenciled onto the new record store on Hawthorne.

And what would an art walk be without a Nerd or two.
Here is the one I found on a drive to work. It is on the back of a sign on the hill on Belmont in front of Glenco elementary school.

...and an '06 on a signpost in front of the 7-11. The first one in pink I think.

Additionally here is the other pic I liked from today's walk.

Two weeks into school and at least 6 balls on the roof. There are more just out of site to the right of this view. I recall my grade school being too far away from the playground to get a ball up on it without putting a leg into it. Why don't they design schools with slanted roofs so this kind of thing doesn't happen?

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