Sunday, September 17, 2006

One man's treasure is another man's trash.

This is the post with almost all the rest of the gems from Saturday.

This little sticker is on the phone booth by the LB Market right up the street from my house. "and Jesus barfed", brilliant.

There are pop music references on the stop signs all around north Portland. I showed this to a friend and he reminded me of the "collaborate and Listen" sign off of Skidmore. I like the light-hearted sense of humor.

This is the appealing element of a Bate tag over in the Rose Quarter. I think this is on the east side of the Land Rover dealership.

THOU ART WHOLE. A sticker on a power box at an intersection on the Max mall in the Rose Quarter.

Cute sparkle unicorn on the paper box in front of the Crow Bar. The last shot of the day.

Kinda cool sticker, not so cool photography. (*My opinion)

Rich's Delicates. I love this building and want to have it for my own. It almost appears that this bus was painted the length of the building and they only covered it up 'til this point. I like the way it incorporated the window. Cute.

This is my favorite from the whole day. Huh, trash.

This is on the walk across from the Rose Garden. It said Think in chalk after it but I thought it resonated well enough alone.

I know I have said over and over again that the art scene in Portland is clickey, but this is the thing that makes me enjoy art. I don't have to go to a coffee house, art studio/space or campus to see art with a bunch of people I wouldn't talk to.

Injection molded expanding spray foam insulation bird house. Very innovative.

Heh! Very cute sticker.

I love this one. Wood block (styled?) printed sticker.

This is on the same electric box as the two men on the sticker above. I really wonder how they looked before they were scraped. They definitely look cool after.


Kyle said...


Love the sticker pics! I wanted to let you know I blogged them at

I have a DIY sticker site, and I found you through technorati. Great stuff, Kyle

Anonymous said...

You're famous HAL!

Me I'm diggin' the lonely tree... Great stuff, great stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hey-- found you randomly while researching my book. The top sticker is a Lynda Barry cartoon. She's incredible.
OK Peace.

camden said...

hey just wondering if i can use your quote about ...see art without talking to a bunch of people i normally wouldnt?

thank you!

camden noir

Oregarus said...

That would be fine. Good luck with the 228 book project.

ZeeS said...

Attack of the Killer ZeeS!!!!!