Monday, September 04, 2006

I'll now be surprised if it's the guy with the beer belly and the camo pants

Another quick sticker, stencil and throw-up walk on lower Morrison.

Not quite sure what it says but I do know it is a robot.

Not really a graffiti sticker but I thought it looked good amongst the crummy ads, flyers and roughly drawn dudes.

hydrant Chicken.


Colorful bird eats plus/minus and poops mid-flight!?

Can't argue with you there.

461, Non-PCB Mineral Oil? Check.

Man...or Astro-man? album cover? Nope...Street sign.

Stylized lightning bolt and cloud. I have seen more primitive lightning bolt and clouds all over NE, could this be the same person getting bored with the sharpy?

Heh, heh...You said Humper.

Route 666.

Alright then, let's continue.

Did you ever notice the parking signs said COP at the bottoms?




I don't know what this is but the man looks anguished. Streams of tears running down his pained face.

YEAH NERD. JT and I saw this one on a previous ride and I forced him to drive back to it. '05 pen sticker. Signed BORE? Is Katie undecided on a tag?



Guess who I hung out with today? That's right J Thompson.

"Life Aint Perfect But Its Good". Another '05 Nerd. Makes my day you know.

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