Sunday, September 17, 2006

You know, Nerds make excellent pudding.

Hey John, when were you going to tell me about all the Nerds in the hood? I found all of these on the stretch of Williams between Russell and Freemont. I was so overwhelmed by Nerds that I really can not recall which street signs these came from. I also found so many other great instances of graffiti I am going to have to do a separate post from this one. This may be the most prolific posting day for me yet. So many pictures so little...wait, I have all day. Stay tuned people.

Very simple green magic marker on scrap sticker. '05

I would have tried to push the edges out on this purple and black painted '06 sticker but the stop signs are so high on this block it was all I could do to get a pic of them without a reflection. You can imagine driving up Williams to see a large leather jacket wearing dude, standing on his tippy toes, taking pictures of the backs of street signs. Absurd!

Red and silver painted '05 sticker.

Seems to be a very fresh white paint marker '06 on the light pole at the bus stop by the bus stop right by John's house. I will forgive him this one because it did look recent. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Green and purple painted promotional sticker. I can not make out what it was for but there are bikini clad dames on it. '05

This is cool. The first collaborative for my Nerd doodler friend. A three panel sticker with what appears to be two other artists. Very faded marker on Priority Mail sticker. The other two panels are below.

The panel with the Nike swoosh I have seen before, in fact also came across two other Nike swoosh stickers yesterday as well. See below

Well, this is just the first post. I wish my boy JT wasn't sick because he would have had a great time walking this stretch of road. Very many cool things to see. Get better Johnny!

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