Sunday, September 17, 2006

I've Got Ten Friends And A Crow Bar That Says You Ain't Gonna Do Jack

Well, post number four for the day and it seems, for obvious reasons, I will have to start it out with a little bathroom tagging. I have posted pictures from this bathroom before if you think you recognize that awful drab olive paint.

Shutter half closed bird on a door. This appears to be the front of the two bathrooms.

A Hood Rat on the storage closet door in the back of the two bathrooms.

Hey! Our penis friend rears its head so to speak.

Beaver? The nose is the hole that repeatedly gets punched into the wall above the toilet. I have never understood why one punches holes in public bathroom walls.

The last three shots were me farting around with the camera while my attention was waning at the end of the night. I was messing around with longer exposures and different apertures. I know how that stuff works but with a digital camera it is so much cheaper to experiment. Mixed results and here are the three I liked.

4 second exposure. 4.5 f-stop. I love this shot but wish the dude's ass wasn't the main focus. The lights from the pool table are just a little too bright also.

Same f-stop with a longer exposure facing the opposite direction. You can see the railing from which I set the camera down on because I shake far too much to do this kind of thing otherwise. Shot was taken from the same place the dude with the ass was standing.

Same position at the bar but facing the door. 8 second exposure 2.6 f-stop. Surprisingly motionless people all around. I took shots after moving the candle and glasses but by that time people saw me shooting pictures and started to react to it by staring or just moving out of the way in general. Not very spontaneous.

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