Friday, March 09, 2007

Buckethead Gets Busy

Releases 13 New Albums in One Day

Thats Right!!! 13 of 'Em.


If, like us, you're already feeling like a lazy slob, it's probably best to skip this next item. Former Guns 'N Roses guitarist-turned-workaholic Buckethead is simultaneously releasing 13 new albums on Feb. 21.

Buckethead collaborator Travis Dickerson tells NME, "This is not a regular CD. This is not a manufactured deal. No two of these will be the same.

"I have never heard of an artist doing something like this. This is as direct from the artist to the fan as I have ever heard of."

Each album is personally numbered and monogrammed by the overworked guitarist himself.

Perhaps Buckethead felt the need to overcompensate for the long-delayed release of Chinese Democracy, the upcoming album his former G'NR bandmates have been promising to put out for the past decade. The latest release date is March 6. Or not.

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Rushfreak said...


Buckethead-Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!
Follow the path to my site and you will see some shots of him from Spinal Tap's favorite hangout. SHANK HALL
Take note of Stonehenge in the background. Your Bro' and I had a mindblowing experience at this show.

Take Care, Luke
(Oops, I mean Rushfreak)