Sunday, March 11, 2007

Monotheism in Stereo

I went to see Negativland last night with my friend Justin at the Baghdad Theater.

Upon entry to the theater we were instructed to take a cheap Mexican made paper blindfold.

After we sat for a while listening to a lilting ambient loop of chiming electronic bells the Negativland boys climbed the stage and instructed us to wear the blindfold during the performance to re-enact an experience of radio. We were also told to hold off applause until after the 'On Air' light was turned off. How we were to know this while blindfolded is beyond me so I left mine off and sat watching closing my eyes occasionally. The frugal set design made it easy to sit back and enjoy. Christianity and Islam were the topics of the two sets respectively and both were quite enjoyable. I am sure this was broadcast live via KBOO so I hope if you weren't there you heard it anyway.

"It's All In Your Head FM"

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rich said...

Ah yes, fun times.
I managed to record half of it on my Mac at home while attending the show.