Sunday, March 11, 2007

Happy First Anniversary Things of the Spirit

Holy Cow. 185 posts later and I am still here. I just realized that today is the first anniversary of 'When Things of the Spirit Come First' blog. I was rooting through old posts to find one I made that I was reminded of as I started this one.

If I recall I mentioned the reason I started this blog but if you don't remember I will remind you now. Last March around my birthday JT got a new camera and handed down to me his old one on the condition I post the pictures I took with them. It was very kind of him and awakened a part of my creativity I hadn't realized I had. Thank you good friend.


Anyway, I bore me. Here is the post I intended to make before I realized the significance of it.

I present to you Jessica Delfino and her song My Pussy Is Magic.


Oh yeah, here is the post it reminded me of Candy Pants.

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