Thursday, March 29, 2007

The weather outside today, we’re all obliged to endure it or enjoy it

On Sunday the weather was awesome. I went for a long walk and took a bunch of flower pictures mostly. The city is starting to come alive but for the most part the landscape is still pretty dreary. Lots of damp green and brown shrubs and lawns so the occasional burst of color supplied by the flowers is a pleasant distraction. I am sure you have all noticed the flower pictures here so you must recognize that I enjoy the macro function on the camera quite a bit.

The lone tulip different from the yellow and purple flowers I have shared here in previous postings.

I got back from the walk around two and my friends Darin and Matt convinced me to go out traipsing again so I obliged.

A ballpoint sticker on a street sign along division. I think Nosmot has pointed out so many times to me that the graffiti is pretty bad in Portland and that taggers aren't very imaginative. I realize it is vandalism but hey if it's worth doing it's worth doing right, right? Anyway I snapped this because although it isn't great it does look like it took some time to make.

An unrecognisable face stenciled sticker also on Division.

Really cool squid stencil on a temporary road work sign on Division.

Very weird self portrait in a beer mug.

Okay, here is where I tell why Darin and Matt wanted to walk. PUB CRAWL.

Nice wheat paste still on Division.

Bar number four. RINGS.

I thought I might make a call for that price.

The United States of America's 3 time world champion Freestyle Free Walker, Darin Chase pulls off one of his patented one handed 180 front side pinion grinds.

Uh, you had to be there.

What did you do?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your favorite baseball team had an amazing opening day.

A complete, two-hit game from Ben Sheets, outstanding defense in the field, especially by Bill Hall, and hot bats at the plate all combined for a benchmark performance.

Video at 11

Anonymous said...

check this......more free time

Brewers did it again tonight.

Senior 53081